About Maritime Woodbridge

What is Maritime Woodbridge? Well it is not a regatta – we have one of those already – more a celebration of our maritime heritage and a demonstration of how that has continued for thousands of years right up to the present day. It started as a part of National Heritage Open Days, backed by The Civic Trust and English Heritage, under the aegis of Woodbridge Town Centre Management Group, and proved such a hit in 2006 and 2007 that it was decided to spin it off as a separate entity. So there has been a festival every other year since 2012, organised by a group of volunteers. This year we aim to develop this website to be a showcase which like the festival itself will reflect both the town’s marine heritage and its continuing and vibrant maritime activity.

As well as the voluntary members of the committee, a number of local organisations have helped to fund the festival. 

The main supporters are here, but thanks to all.

Park Properties

For a number of years, Park Properties have been very generous in funding banners, and rather dodgy gilets

Woodbridge Town Council

The Town Council have been generous supporters of Maritime Woodbridge. Check out their website.